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We cannot begin to thank everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts. From the board of Owen and Ollie's For A Cause who worked endlessly to make this day a success.

Thank you for myself and my family, for everyone that donated that volunteered their time to the staff who did and outstanding job to my friends and neighbors that worked so hard to make this a huge success to the people that were able to make it Sunday.  What a day indeed!

So again to all our friends and family and neighbors and those of you who have worked so endlessly to make this day a huge success for me and my family, again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


My promise to you all, I will continue to fight the good fight and I will be riding in a future bike race probably looking at a two-year time frame but I I will ride the 25-mile ride for someone else in the future.


Thank you and God bless you all.

The Townsend Family

My name is Joyce Murphy from Dracut, MA.  I have a son Matthew, who is now 15 years old.  Matthew spends most of his time is his wheelchair.  For a few years, we did not have a car and as Matthew grew it was harder to go places.  Making it to doctor appointments became a challenge.  Thanks to O & O's For A Cause of Dracut, MA, our lives changed.  


In September 2012, the annual 'O & O's Cycle for A Cause' was dedicated to Matthew.  It was an amazing day with a cookout, meeting lots of volunteers, and other great people from the community who were there to support our cause.  In October 2012, we had enough money to make a deposit and purchase a wheelchair van.  At the time, both of my children needed wheelchairs to get around.  My daughter is feeling healthier these days and does not  need her wheelchair as much. 


It is good to know that if either of my children have appointments we can get there with all of our equipment safely.  We are forever grateful to O & O's For A Cause for continuing to support the community in so many ways over the years!  

Joyce Murphy

Dracut, MA

We had the honor of being the recipient of 'O & O's Cycle for A Cause' in September 2015.  The charitable donation that we received allowed us to purchase educational and sensory equipment for students with Autism.  We were also able to purchase materials that allowed us to create an Autism Awareness Curriculum that was used in public schools.


Lastly, their charitable donation allowed us to better support Special Education Teachers that service students with Autism by granting many "Teachers' Wishes".  Thank you O & O's For A Cause for helping us accomplish some of our goals!


Paula and Phil

Dracut, MA

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