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Messages to Wally


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Hi Wally, you are in our prayers. if there is anything at all I can do to help please don't hesitate , i am right down the street.  God bless. 

Wayne Morrison

Keep fighting, Wally! You are much loved.

Cheryl Torres

Wally, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I have known you a long time. First knowing your mom and dad. You are a fighter, stay positive and never give up. Jolynn, Travis and Nick, we are praying for you as well. The lord will be there walking right beside you. We are keeping you all in our prayers. We love you Wally, Jolynn, Travis and Nick.


You got this Wally! Love you!!! Xoxo

Jessica Bellemare

Hoping success with your treatment!

Sarah and Andy Daigneault

Thinking about you always and sending positive thoughts and prayers.

Janice Houston

Jennie Brunelas is my Aunt (Tanya's Great-Aunt) and has donated to your family also.  She prays for Wally too.  My prayers and love are with you. ️

Maria Maskaluk

Anything to help kick cancer to the curb! ️

The Chhoms

My prayers are with you & your family. ️

Theresa Pestana

We are thinking of you.  Get well! ️


Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family old friend.  You are a strong guy.  Fight the fight! ️

Chrissy (Turcotte) Degan

To the Van Dinter‘s - best wishes to some very special people I hope all goes well.  Thinking of you sorry I couldn’t come it is my Mom ‘s 99th birthday. ️

Therese Venezia

Hey Wally!!! Its Boo.:) I am thinking of you and the family.  Please stay strong and know that we all love you.  OXOXO  Just in case you don't know's Amy, and of course Vinnie, Ava and Vince.  Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

Amy Fernandez

Hi everyone!  Sorry we can't make it on Friday night but know that we are 100% behind Team Wally.  Wally, you are in our prayers every single day.  Stay positive and let God do the rest! We love you.  

Dick and Lu

We are thinking of you and your family, we send you the best wishes and positive thoughts and prayers.  You are a strong and wonderful family.  God Bless.  

Elizabeth and Mark McDonald (Greyson's Parents)

My Best to Wally and family from his supporters and admirers of the Lowell HS Track Program.  

Scott D Ouellet


Hey ol buddy, words can't even describe what to say or for where to start so i'll simply say my prayers are with you, always my friend, Jeff

Jeff Martin

I wish you a speedy recovery. Please be strong and have faith! "La fe mueve montañas."

Rafael Quiles

Miss seeing you around town and looking forward to seeing you tonight.  You keep fighting and I will keep praying!!!!

Katie Shea


CLICK HERE to leave Wally a message!

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